the time has come to select one courageous blogger for the honor of representing the Clue Crew in buying the soundtrack before the new game is released and uploading them on Tumblr for the rest of us to hear.

as usual, ladies first

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» A message from perpetuallylocked:

I'm thinking you're a mix of ASH and STFD

because i love poking around in people’s makeup and talking to a crapton of people that is quite accurate

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» A message from differencedetective:

Secrets Can Kill. Classic, old school, but also hip and fun!

i am very hip to the jive thank you child 

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If I were a game, which one would I be?

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Unpopular opinion: I don’t think making fun of the HeR boards is that funny??

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» A message from Anonymous:

considering buying one of the newer games during the sale this week (having played/loved most of the old ones), would you overall recommend deadly device or ghost of thornton hall?

I recommend both of them if that’s an option, but if you’re choosing one over the other I definitely preferred GTH myself. 

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*HeR board voice* gRoWN wOMaN HAvE b00Bs???? no n0 nO cHILdRen pLaY THeSe gAMES!!!!!!!!11111!!!!! iMMODeST!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!! NanCY WaS A ChrISTIAN gIRL buT NAo sATAN iSM !!!!!11111!!!!??!????!?!?!?1/11//1 

Did something happen recently on the boards regarding this or are we just making fun of generically what can happen on the boards?


Imagine how bitter failed actor Dwayne Powers must have been watching Nancy on Pacific Run.

Dwayne Power must’ve been Kiri’s crazy agent giving her all that advice holy fudge that makes sense now