tbh i’m kind of not looking forward to LIE and super looking forward to it at the same time

like the whole concept doesn’t seem that interesting to me, all the characters looked the same int he trailer, and i think the whole Greece gimmick is gonna overshadow the whole game

but on the other hand this is the least i’ve ever anticipated a game before, like I still haven’t gone to the game page on the website yet and idk I just think playing a game with pretty much no expectations or preconceived notions is gonna be a really interesting experience altogether

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"I think that the Herinteractive game designers pick the location for the next game they make based on where they wanna go on their vacation. Then they blow their whole budget sending people out there to do ‘research’ and that’s why they can only put out two games a year."

My mom

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what if their were nancy drew fanfics
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it was literally 100 degrees at church today and i was about to say “looks like my antiperspirant’s gonna get a workout today!”

but then i realized that’s actually disgusting and no one in their right mind should ever say that out loud ever

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re: the HER boards - the issue i have with that is not all judgment is created equal. much of the judgment that goes on is a defense mechanism against people who disrespects a reason or way of being. to paraphrase something else I read - "don't fight fire with fire" - but what about who started the fire?

I just think questions like that tend to be a way to deflect blame for being mean… yes, I get that people on the boards can have very narrow-minded worldviews, but it’s not really your job to give them a taste of their own medicine or something like that. These phrases like “not all judgement is created equal” and “who started the fire” just seem like weak excuses for people to feel good about themselves but still be incredibly rude to others.

I have never heard of a time in which rudeness or mockery can be justified. And I can certainly never think of any situation in which it’s actually helped the problem at hand.

Making fun of people might be a coping method and it might make you feel better, but if you’re trying to be more mature than they are or really change their opinions, you’re gonna have to find another solution.

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when you try your best but you don’t succeed


when you get what you want but not what you need


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did no one else notice that in the TFiOS movie credits one of the kids in the support group was named CJ Evans??

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The reason I personally like to poke fun at the conservative Christian fans is because I find them to be judgmental...I mean I've had Homeschooled Christian From Texas fans tell me I'm possessed by the devil for being gay, for example.

But aren’t you being equally judgmental when you make fun of them for that? It doesn’t really help anyone for people just to mock others back—it just continues this cycle of division and rudeness.

I don’t really care that much if people have different views than myself, but what bothers me most is the superior attitude people on Tumblr tend to have over the HeR boards. Poking fun is one thing, but the amount of condescension I see towards people on the boards makes me feel like the people on the boards are actually a lot more mature than many of the people on Tumblr.

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the time has come to select one courageous blogger for the honor of representing the Clue Crew in buying the soundtrack before the new game is released and uploading them on Tumblr for the rest of us to hear.

as usual, ladies first

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I'm thinking you're a mix of ASH and STFD

because i love poking around in people’s makeup and talking to a crapton of people that is quite accurate

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